My recordings

It´s not Enough (Composer: Till Brandt from "Get the Cat")

Prodigal Son (Composer: Mark Wise from "Wise Dietkron Band")

Midnight in Harlem (Composer: Tedeschi Trucks Band)

Hand in Hand with the Blues (Composer: Robben Ford)

Traveler's Waltz (Composer: Robben Ford)

Summernight (Composer: Thomas Fritze)

Göttin sei Dank (Composer: Udo Lindenberg)

Tell me I´m your man (Composer: Robben Ford)

Wildhouse Blues (Composer: Eckhard Reuter)

Je te donne (Composer: Jean-Jacques Goldman)

Sustainer Demo

Voodoo Chile (Composer: Jimi Hendrix)

Machine Gun (Composer: Jimi Hendrix)

The EH-Band: