Sustainer Guitar

Sustainer Guitar 

The E-Reuter Guitar Sustainer creates harmonics and feed-backs like a loud guitar amp does. The difference is, that it works on low volumes or even without a guitar amp.

Sound examples: see here

How it works:

Sustainer Guitar

The E-Reuter Guitar Sustainer takes the signal from the neck pickup (a single coil vintage pickup) and sends the amplified signal to the bridge pickup (a Humbucker in single coil format). The bridge pickup drives the strings the same way a loud amplifier does: The guitar plays also without the help of your right hand and there are a lot of harmonics. Playing electric guitar that way is really fun; that´s the reason why guitarists always have to play so loud :-). With the E-Reuter Guitar Sustainer it really works without any amp or directly plugged into the recording unit.




  • Preventing harm from your (and your audience´s) ears.
  • The E-Reuter Guitar Sustainer boosts the sound of your guitar and makes recording much easier since you need no separate soundproof room.
  • You still got the real Stratocaster sound having vintage single coil pickups.
  • The guitar itself has no active circuit so there is no battery inside.


  • You never want to play another guitar.
  • You need two (good) guitar cables which is of course the opposite of wireless.

So what´s new: differences to other sustainer guitars

Other sustainer guitars use a special driver pickup (with low resistance), normally at the neck position, so there is an active circuit needed at least as an impedance converter. You need a battery inside the guitar which is down after approx. 2 hours. In addition you have to live with the sound of that low resistance active pickup. Another disadvantage is that you have to use the bridge pickup when the sustainer is on. That fits good for Heavy Metal sound or other hard distorted Humbucker sounds. But this doesn´t work well for all kind of more or less distorted single coil crunch sounds à la Jimi Hendrix.

Using the Vibesware's Guitar Resonator you have to seek out the right position to the magnetic driver on the stand which does not allow you to move while playing guitar. In addition playing with a single coil neck pickup does not allow to drive as much as you need since the pickup starts to squeak.